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Lemala wild waters is nestled in a luxuriant rain forest on its on island along the Nile river . Lemala wild waters is breath taking , with the main lodge located quite unbelievably on a solid rock penisula ,one can relax and sit on this island paradise listening to the thunder of the Nile rapids, and the calls of the many species of bird who call the island home. Elevated wooden walkways gracefully link the rooms to the restaurant and bar area and offer an unforgettable walk through the heart of the forest.

Occupants and Community Setup

  • 8 Available Rooms
  • No Adults
  • No Children
  • 5 Toilets
  • Village setting
  • No Shopping Mall
  • 5 Bathrooms


  • No Hospital Nearby
  • Wifi available
  • Water source available
  • Water Body nearby
  • No Mountain nearby
  • No National Park nearby
  • Swamp nearby

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