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Apartment is seated on 1.5 acres of land with a very beautiful tropical garden. There is outdoor bar and restaurant with the favorable menu for guests. The apartment is 0.5Km from the main Kampala-Jinja Highway in Seeta. The Place can be accessed by cars.

Occupants and Community Setup

  • 2 Available Rooms
  • No Adults
  • No Children
  • 2 Toilets
  • Village setting
  • Near Shopping Mall
  • 2 Bathrooms


  • Hospital Nearby
  • Wifi available
  • Water source available
  • No Water Body nearby
  • No Mountain nearby
  • No National Park nearby
  • No Swamp nearby

More Features That Might Interest You

Two balcons

Turskeys supermarket

Ample parking yard

Very beautiful tropical gardens



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